Accessing your modules through My Pages in Moodle

My Pages in Moodle is where you can access all of your modules and is customisable to enable to you view modules in different ways.

You can Favourite your modules, hide modules, view all your modules, your modules in progress, and future or past modules by year.  You can sort your modules by the last time they were accessed or alphabetically by name. By default modules will be shown in 'Card' view, so you see your module with a picture, but they can also be viewed in a list or with a summary.

Changing the View

Your My pages will show your module and has a number of ways of changing the view or filtering your modules to easily find them.


1. Using the drop-down box on the left-hand side (Under Module Overview) you can choose to filter by modules:

  • All
  • In progress 
  • Future
  • Past
  • Academic year (this will be the year beginning, so academic year modules 22/23, will show as 22 and academic year 21/22 will show as 22)
  • Favourites
  • Removed from view

2. Using the drop-down lists on the right-hand side you can view modules by:

  • Module name
  • Last accessed

and also you can choose how the modules are displayed to you, either by

  • Card  Illustrative image
  • List  Illustrative image
  • Summary  Illustrative image

3. You can also search for modules in the Module finder in the top right-hand corner of your my pages. You can search by module code or name.

Favourite or unfavourite Modules

You can click on the 3 dots next to any module and favourite it, this will then show in your favourite modules block.

If you want to remove a module from your favourites, filter the Module overview section (under the favourites section), by favourites 

and then click on the ellipsis next to each module to unfavourite it 

Remove Modules from View

You can also remove modules from view if you have pages you do not want to appear in your My Pages.

To remove a module from view, click on the ellipses next to it and choose Remove from view

The module will then not appear when you filter your modules by All, In progress, Past, Future or by year

You can however find the module again by filtering by Removed from view

You will then see any modules that you have hidden by removing them from view and you can click the ellipses next to them and choose Show this module, to reinstate it


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