Accessing Media Storage

Media Students and Staff have access to additional storage, depending on the module and/or projects they are working on.


It can be found at the following locations:

From Windows:

Opening "This PC" and selecting "DCI Storage". If for any reason this option is not present, it can be manually accessed by going to:



From macOS:

A drive called "DCI" should automatically be mounted on your desktop. If not, it can be manually accessed by going to:



The folders you'll have access to will depend on what modules you're enrolled in, and what projects you may have been given access to.

The main 5 folders are:

Animation*The file share used by the Animations courses
PersonalPersonal Workspaces for individual work
ProjectsGroup Workspaces for project work
PUB*The Media Public drive for common file storage
SUB*The Media Submissions drive

*These folders are added for convenience and still remain accessible via their historical drive mappings and/or mount points.




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