Accessing a generic account or another user's mailbox in Outlook

Outlook 2016

The account owner must have given you permissions on the account before you undertake these steps.

1. In Outlook, click on the File tab Illustrative image  

2. Click Account Settings and then Account Settings again Illustrative image

3. With your account name highlighted click on Change Illustrative image

4. Click on More Settings Illustrative image

5. Select the Advanced tab, then Add Illustrative image

6. Insert the email address of the account you are adding and click OK Illustrative image

7. You will see the account in your additional mailboxes list Illustrative image

8. To save the changes click OK (there might be a slight pause). On the next windows select Next Illustrative image  > Finish Illustrative image  > Close Illustrative image

9. You should be able to see the added account listed below your account and folders. Expand the arrow to see the inbox and all the folders you have been given access to Illustrative image

Next steps:

Microsoft's guides to managing another user’s mailbox (including opening folders, creating email reply / message)


Office 365/Outlook 365

The account owner must have given you permissions on the account before you undertake these steps.

1. First log into (Outlook 365) and access your mailbox

2. Right-click the word 'Folder' in the left-hand panel, then select 'Add Shared folder'

3. Then type in the email address of the account you wish to add to your list of mailboxes and click ok:  Illustrative image

Sending on Behalf of the secondary account in Outlook 365

Once the account has been added, If you wish to send emails on behalf of the generic account you will need to use one final step to activate the 'from' field of the email. 

1. Create a new email by selecting 'New Message'

2. Once inside the new email, you will need to select the "" menu at the top of the email and select the "Show from" option. This will activate the from field in the email.  Illustrative image

3. You can then select the 'from field' and choose "other email" before typing the address that you wish to send on behalf of:  Illustrative image

4. Emails can then be sent from this address in the future by selecting in the from field the relevant email address, you should not need to add it again. 


If you are unable to send from the account that's been added, it's likely to be caused by not having permissions set. To send on behalf of requires editor or higher permission on 'sent items' and 'outbox' and the delegate access panel as well.


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