Online module evaluation feedback

Module Evaluation Feedback can be done online, this saves a lot of hours work collating questionnaire answers and saves paper.

For example as a university we have over 5,500 students, if each of those students does an average of 8 modules a year, each with 2 pieces of paper per questionnaire that is potentially 88,000 sheets of paper per year that the university does not need to use. When you factor in the hours it can take to collate the questionnaire results, assuming an average of 1 minute per sheet to input the results, that's 1466 hours or 198 days of work across the university per year!

If you are concerned that students will not fill in the questionnaire if it is online, then allow a little time in the lecture as you would with a paper questionnaire, and students can fill it in during class time using their mobile devices. On the rare occasion a student does not have a mobile device, ask them to fill it in at home, you can also ask any non-attendees to fill it in at home too.

There are two methods of setting up online evaluations.  The university has a standard template of questions in Moodle, (you can see the questions in the document below) or if you want to use your own bespoke template this can be done in Jisc Online Survey.

Setting up a standard Moodle evaluation template

With editing turned on. click add an activity or resource and choose Evaluation

  • Give your evaluation a name
  • in the select template drop down set it to Module evaluation
  • In end date click enable and set the date


Then scroll to the bottom and click save and return to course.

You can click on the evaluation to preview the questions or view the results. (please note the results option is not available until the evaluation has a response)


Bespoke evaluations using Jisc Online Surveys

Jisc Online Surveys (Formerly BOS) is easy to create and maintain, and the results can be exported into Excel or PDF.  A template can be created which can then be provided to staff, they can then quickly create their own Module assessment feedback questionnaire and put the link onto the Moodle page.

Staff need a separate log in created to use Jisc online Surveys, contact to create accounts.

Creating the original template

Instructions for creating surveys can be found here:

Once you have created your survey you will need to share the survey with members of staff, so that they can make a copy.

In the design area of your questionnaire, click Survey Permissions

Fill in the email address of the person you wish to share the template with:

Click Add user and then in the boxes (shown below) tick Copy and Preview.

When they create their own version they will have full rights, but ticking these two options only, means they will not be able to edit the template in error.

Add the rest of the staff that you need to share the template with and click Save

Creating a Questionnaire from the template.

To create a questionnaire from the template you need to see the template that has been shared with you, to do this Untick 'Just my Surveys' at the top of your surveys page and any templates that have been shared with you will appear.

Then click the purple Copy survey button to the right of the survey

You will then be able to give your questionnaire a name and click copy survey

To change the template, click on Design and then click the pencil icon next to the question you need to edit. 

Help with editing can be found here:

Once your questionnaire is ready, click on the Distribute tab and then Distribution settings, you can then set the opening and closing date for your questionnaire and click the Save button at the bottom.

You can then go to the Survey Launchpad and click Launch Survey, you can then copy the Public URL and put it in your Moodle page, students will then be able to answer the questionnaire after the Opening date.

Launching the survey Checklist

  1. Click the purple copy survey button
  2. Name your survey (usually the module code and name of module)
  3. Change any questions if needed
  4. Change the dates in Distribution Settings
  5. Launch the Survey
  6. Copy the public URL you will be given and put it on your Moodle page as a link.

Viewing the results

To view the results of your questionnaire, click on Analyse under your survey or in the survey tab

You will then see the results, you can choose to view the results as Tables, Bar charts, Pie charts or the text responses by clicking on the Display button or if you want to export the results as a PDF skip this step

Click ExportDownload PDF will download the results as they appear on the screen or you can choose to Export response data

When you choose export response data you will be able to customise your report and choose the file format, to download it as an Excel spreadsheet choose Microsoft Excel 2007 and later (.xlsx).  In the customisations you can choose to exclude the free text responses if you wish and other customisations.  When you are happy with your choices click Export data and your spreadsheet will download.

If you need any help, please contact


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