Wi-Fi for older devices - global sign certificate installation

Globalsign Certificate


Some older devices may not connect to Wi-Fi until you have installed the Global Sign certificate.

You can download the Global Sign certificate from the link at the top of this page (GlobalSignCA.crt).

For some operating systems it may be as simple as downloading GlobalSignCA.crt, running the downloaded crt file to install it, then connect to Wi-Fi.

In other cases you may need to download GlobalSignCA.crt, then from your Wi-Fi setup screen specify the path to the crt file, then connect to Wi-Fi.

    Installing the Globalsign Certificate on an older Android Device

    Some older mobile devices and laptops (including some old versions of Android e.g. v4 Ice Cream Sandwich) will not be able to automatically connect to our Wi-Fi until the globalsign certificate is installed:

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