Wi-Fi for guests

If you are a visitor to the University please note we have two Wi-Fi networks:

  • the-cloud
  • StudentCom

If you are staying in halls of residence, in order to have the best Wi-Fi experience, you should signup and connect to both the-cloud and StudentCom. Most devices will automatically connect to the appropriate Wi-Fi as you roam around campus.

the-cloud: which covers most areas on campus

This is a self-service enrolment Wi-Fi service operated by Sky.
You will need to enrol using a personal email account, creating a password.
After enrollment connect to the Wi-Fi network called the_cloud then open a browser, which will automatically take you to the logon screen to authenticate with your email and password.

StudentCom: only for use in halls of residence (inc B&B customers)

You will need to enrol on StudentCom before you can use Wi-Fi in halls of residence.
StudentCom also have a Support page.

 University of Chichester App 



Our mobile app is available to students, staff, guests and visitors.

You can download the app using the following buttons:

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