Using the Mendeley plugin with MS Word

Using the MS Word Plugin

  1. Desktop Mendeley must be installed in order to use the plugin in Word.
  2. Before you start, open a Word document and close it again.
  3. You may have chosen to install the MS Word plugin when you first registered for your account, but if not, go to “Tools” then Install MS Word Plugin. Y
  4. Once the plugin is installed, open a new Word document.
  5. Go to references on the Word toolbar. The tools for Mendeley are displayed.  Illustrative image
  6. Select your referencing style from the drop-down menu.  Illustrative image
  7. Start typing your document, then place the cursor where you want a citation to be inserted in the text.
  8. Choose insert citation from the toolbar, and search for relevant reference in your Mendeley library (start typing a few letters and a list of your relevant references appears).
  9. Click on the relevant reference to insert an in-text citation.
  10. Continue writing and adding citations.
  11. Place your cursor at the end of the document and click on “Insert bibliography”. Your bibliography will appear in your chosen style.
  12. Check the references to make sure they display correctly. You may need to edit a record in Mendeley.

Edit a record in Mendeley

  1. Go to Mendeley desktop and highlight the relevant reference in the central panel.
  2. The details of the record appear in the right-hand panel.
  3. Make sure the reference type is correct, for example journal article.
  4. Scroll down to check all the fields in the record.
  5. Edit as necessary by clicking in the field and typing your changes.
  6. You can also add keywords and tags in this panel.

Editing an in-text citation in MS Word

  1. Go to the citation and click inside the bracket (citation turns grey).  Illustrative image
  2. Click on Edit Citation in the Mendeley toolbar.  Illustrative image
  3. A pop-up box appears. Within the box, click to the right of the citation you wish to edit, leaving no spaces.
  4. Edit your reference, for example, add page numbers or suppress author and click on OK.
  5. The edits will appear in your text.

Delete a citation from your document

  1. Highlight the reference, then use delete key to remove it.
  2. Click on “Refresh” in the Mendeley references tab.

Save an unformatted copy of your document

  1. In the Mendeley toolbar in Word, go to “Export as”.
  2. Select “without Mendeley fields”. This creates an unformatted document which can be submitted for marking.




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