Turnitin for students

The University of Chichester requires all written assignment submissions to be submitted as electronic copy and as a paper copy. The electronic copy is submitted into the module's Moodle page, via a service called Turnitin. Once submitted, Turnitin will generate an Originality Report, which will highlight any content which it considers as 'unoriginal'.

Highlighted, unoriginal content can take many forms:

  • Text recognised from the internet
  • Text recognised from journals
  • Text recognised from previously submitted assignments
  • Quotes
  • Bibliography

The Originality Report is there for you to use as a formative learning tool. Please check the highlighted text to make sure that, if required, it is correctly referenced.

The Similarity Score % is not a reflection of the quality of an assignment, and you are not aiming for a specific percentage. 

Originality reports for first submissions should only take a few minutes, but resubmissions take up to 24 hours to be generated

More information and online guides are available on Moodle (including the file formats that can be uploaded to Turnitin, and understanding the originality report).


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