Sharing your calendar Office 365

Share - completed by the person sharing their calendar

  1.  Open your Office 365 calendar
  2. Select the Share icon Illustrative image
  3. Start typing the recipient's name in the Share with field Illustrative image  and then select the recipient you want to share with Illustrative image
  4. Next to their name, click the drop down box to select which information you would like to share with them Illustrative image  
    You will have a choice of:
    Can view when I'm busy
    Can view titles and locations
    Can view all details
    Can edit
  5. Once you have made your selection, click Share Illustrative image  
  6. The person will show in the list of those whow you have shared your calendar with Illustrative image
  7. Click Done Illustrative image  

An email notification of the share will be sent to the person's account Illustrative image

Accessing a shared calendar - completed by the person the calendar has been shared with

  1. The recipient will receive an email invitation entitled I'd like to share my calendar with you Illustrative image
  2. Click Add this calendar Illustrative image
  3. The view will change to the Calendar and you will see the shared calendar appear under Other Calendars in the recipient's Office 365 calendar list Illustrative image  

When selected, you will see their calendar according to the permissions you have been given.


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