Restoring files

You can save your files to OneDrive or to your H drive. Both offer a way to restore your work. Most of the time you will be able to do this yourself, sometimes you may need to submit a Support Me request.

The option to restore files is available in case, for example, you accidentally save an incorrect version of a document. Restoring is not a replacement for saving your work: you need to save your work regularly.

Restoring files on OneDrive

  • To restore a file to a previous version, open OneDrive for Business in a web browser
  • Right-click the document to restore, then click 'Version History' Illustrative image
  • You will see a list of previous version Illustrative image
  • Decide which date/time you wish to restore from
  • Hover the cursor to the right of the date/time, click the ellipses (...) then choose either to 'Restore' or 'Open file' Illustrative image

Restoring files from your H or S drive

There is a file / folder restore service available in Windows, which you can use yourselves to:


Can recover data on their H-drive.

  • An automatic copy is taken of student H drive data roughly every hour


Can recover data on their H drive and S drive (inc. G drive / R drive if used).

  • An automatic copy is taken of staff H drive data at 7am 12noon and 7pm (Monday to Friday)
  • An automatic copy is taken of staff S drive data roughly every hour, between 7am and 10pm (Monday to Friday)

Additional information

  • For important restores further back than available in your list, please request this through Support Me or the SIZ
  • Mac users can log in to a Windows open access machine to recover data

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