Restoring a file to an earlier time

If you have accidently edited a file and perhaps lost some data, you can restore the file to an earlier time:

  1. Navigate to the saved file in 'File Explorer' Illustrative image
  2. Right click the file and choose 'Restore previous versions' Illustrative image
    You will now have a list of previous saved versions of that file.
  3. Choose a suitable date and time you wish to restore the file from, and click 'Open' Illustrative image
  4. The file will open in your default program and will show the data from the time/date you specified
  5. If the file has the data you require, either copy and paste it into another document, or click 'File/Save As' (not just Save) then choose any location you wish to save the file (or overwrite your current live file)

Note: If you wish to restore the file without previewing it first, then you would choose Restore instead of Open in the previous step, then confirm if you wish to overwrite your existing file with the one from your backup.

No previous versions?

If you haven't edited the file recently it will say: There are no previous versions available. In this case you would need to submit a Support Me job with the name of the file, the file path, and the date the file would need to be recovered from. The IT team will look to recover your file but it is not guaranteed.

Still need help?