Restoring a deleted file or folder

If you have accidently deleted a file or folder on your H drive or S drive you can follow these steps to retrieve it:

  1. Launch file explorer Illustrative image
  2. Open your H-drive Illustrative image
  3. Right click on 'My Documents' and choose 'Restore previous versions' Illustrative image
  4. Select the 'Previous Versions' tab and you will now have a list of previous backups to choose from Illustrative image
  5. Choose a suitable date and time you wish to restore the file from, and click 'Open' Illustrative image
    Another Window appears with the entire backed up contents of your My Documents folder (how it was at your chosen date/time).
  6. Navigate to the folder that has the file you previously deleted Illustrative image
  7. Highlight the file then drag it to any live folder to copy it across (restore it) Illustrative image

Your file is now restored.

Note: You can also restore whole folders with the same dragging method. Restoring folders will not delete any of your live files; however, you will be prompted if you wish to overwrite any live files with the ones from your backup e.g. if you're using the same file name.

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