PowerPoint - How to add an Image

How to Input Images

One of PowerPoint main features is the ability to add images and crop them to the required shape for your presentation. 

To Insert an Image from your computer:

In the 'insert' menu you will find "Pictures":

Illustrative image

This will then show you file explorer and will allow you to navigate around the computer's folders until you have found your required image. Once you have it selected click "ok" and the image will be placed into the presentation. If However the image is not saved on your computer you have a few other options.

From the web

If you find an image on the web that you wish to use in your presentation and it's not protected (preventing you from copying and saving it) then you can use two methods:

  • Right-click the image and select "save image as" selecting a save location on your computer/device before using the method above to input the image into the presentation
  • Right-click the image and select "copy image" and then return to PowerPoint and right-click to 'paste' the image.

Illustrative image

Screenshots from anywhere

There will be images that disallow you from copying or saving, or perhaps a video thumbnail that you wish to use but cannot copy. Screenshots will allow us to take our own pictures of the screen. There is a tool built into PowerPoint called "screenshot" and is found in the insert tab:

Illustrative image

This feature when clicked, will minimise PowerPoint and make the screen opaque, changing your cursor to a cross-hair that will allow you to click-and-drag around whatever it is that wish to take a "screenshot" of.

Once you have clicked-and-dragged the image it will be copied into your presentation: Illustrative image