Password rules

We strongly recommend that you change your University password regularly.

When setting your password, make sure it conforms to the University's password policy:

  • Between 8 and 16 characters
  • Include three of: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, symbols
  • New (it cannot be a previously used password)
  • Original (it cannot include your first name, last name, or username)

Managing your password (including resetting your password and unlocking your account)

There are several ways you can manage your password.

1. If logged on to a university Windows computer and you want to change your password, perform a 'ctrl + alt + del' on the keyboard then choose 'Change a password' Illustrative image

2. Enrol on our online password manager, FastPass Illustrative image  

This enables you to:

  • Reset your password (if your password doesn't work, or you forget it)
  • Unlock your account (if it locks due to 3 incorrect attempts)

You can use FastPass on or off campus.

When you have enrolled on FastPass and subsequently want to reset your password or unlock your account, you will need to answer some of the security questions you set up during enrolment.

You can access any of the FastPass features (enrol, reset, unlock) at:

In addition to the direct url, there are two other ways to get to FastPass:

  • From the university website click 'Staff and student links' then 'Password manager' Illustrative image
  • If you are on campus, from a university PC or Mac, enter ‘help’ as the username, leave the password field empty, and log on) Illustrative image then click ‘Password manager’ Illustrative image

3. You can also contact SIZ to have your password reset. Please remember that this option is available during SIZ opening times. We recommend you enrol on FastPass in case you need to unlock your account or reset your password outside of these times.

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