MAF Admin Database

MAF Online (Module Assessment Feedback) is where tutors add feedback and grades/marks for all summative assignments.

Feedback can take the form of;

  • written feedback
  • attached Microsoft Word
  • attached PDF files
  • attached mp3 files
  • links to ChiPlayer recordings (audio and/or video)

Via the MAF Admin Database, Faculty Administrators can see this feedback and view reports. 

What can you do in the MAF Admin Database

MAF by Student

View all grades/marks and feedback for an individual student

MAF by Module

View all grades/marks and feedback across a whole module. You can select to view individual assessments or leave blank to view all assessment parts

MAF by Advisor 

View all grades/marks and feedback written by a specific tutor

Add Tutors to Modules

The module coordinator is responsible for adding additional markers to MAF modules. This option allows you to support this process where the coordinator is unavailable. You can also use this to add external examiners who will have read-only access. 

Assign Modules to Administrators

Use if you want to get a notification when grades/marks and feedback are released by the tutor

Class List

This function is no longer being developed as it has been replaced by SAM

Assessment Release Dates

Enables you to run a report, per module, to check whether marks/grades and feedback were delivered within the 3 week turnaround


View which students have withdrawn or who are intermitting 

Viewing attachments 

If your tutors are attaching feedback documentation, such as an annotated assignment or mp3 recording, it is currently not possible to access these from within the MAF Admin database. To do so, please follow these steps

  • Use to request read-only access to MAF Online
  • Using the MAF Admin database, add yourself onto the module in the same way that you would a tutor or external examiner
  • Navigate to and login using your standard username and password. You should see the module listed
More information about using MAF Admin can also be found on the Departmental Administrators help page in Moodle

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