How to unlock your account

If you typed your password incorrectly 3 times while attempting to logon, then your account will lock. However, you can unlock your account yourself if you have enrolled on FastPass

To unlock your account you will be asked 2 of your enrolment questions, rather than your current password.

How to unlock your account

  • Go to
  • Click staff and student links then Pasword manager Illustrative image
  • Select Unlock Account Illustrative image
  • Input your username, then enter the security code that you see on the screen Illustrative image
  • You will now need to provide the answers for two of your security questions (that you setup during FastPass enrolment) Illustrative image
  • If you typed the answers successfully, you will see a confirmation message Illustrative image

If you have not enrolled on FastPass you will not be able to unlock your password yourself and will need to contact SIZ instead.

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