How to reset your password

The reset password feature is to be used if you have forgotten your password, your current password is not working, or you wish to change it.

You will need to have previously enrolled on FastPass to use the reset your password option.

During the reset process you will be asked two of your enrolment questions, rather than your current password.

How to reset your password

  • Go to the University website:
  • From the main menu select Quick Links, and then Staff and Students Illustrative image
  • Select the option for FastPass Illustrative image
  • Then choose the Reset Password option Illustrative image
  • Input your University username, then enter the code that you see on the screen Illustrative image
  • You will now need to provide the answers for two of your security questions (that you setup during FastPass enrolment) Illustrative image
  • You can now go ahead and create a new password following the rules displayed on screen, including not using your name in your password Illustrative image
  • If your new password meets the rules listed above, then you will see a confirmation message Illustrative image

If you have not enrolled on FastPass you will not be able to reset your password yourself and will need to contact SIZ instead.

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