How to contact the library team


LEO (library enquiries online) is the library's email enquiry service.

It's available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Use it to send any questions about library services and resources or to leave feedback about the library.

Reporting noise in silent areas

If you are working in the silent areas and the noise levels are disturbing you, please text the library team on 07876 870 711 and we will respond.

The library team

There is a team of professional librarians at each site who provide specialist support, deliver information skills training and manage the library resources in their subject areas.  Contact the library team by phoning the Support and Information Zone on 01243 816222.

If you are looking for material for essays, seminars, projects, the subject librarians will be happy to provide advice and assistance. Our current students are automatically enrolled on the appropriate Subject Library Moodle.

Anna O'Neill.jpg

Anna O'Neill

Director of Library and Information Services, 01243 816090,

Karen Lloyd.JPG

Karen Lloyd

Deputy Librarian, Learning and Teaching, Theatre, 01243 812082,


Debbie Bogard

Electronic Resources Librarian, 01243 816093,

Ann Jones.jpg

Ann Jones

Adventure EducationP.E., Sport Development and Management, Sport and Exercise Sciences, 01243 813461,


Gail Graffham

Education, Music, Business School, History and Politics, 01243 812094,


Ruth Clark

Classroom Resources, Maths, International English Studies (IES), 01243 812119,


Janet Carter

Janet Carter, TheologyDance, Philosophy and Religious Studies,  01243 816087,

Wendy Ellison, Psychology and CounsellingEnglish and Creative Writing, Media, Fine ArtChildhood StudiesTheatreSocial Work and Social Care, Engineering and Applied Design,  01243 816085, 

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