Getting started with Mendeley

Install Mendeley desktop on campus (or when using the RemoteApp)


  1. From the start menu, go to the Managed Software Centre.
  2. Click on “Install Mendeley”. You will then need to restart your computer.
  3. Open Mendeley desktop from the start menu.
  4. You will have to repeat these steps on any PCs within the University NOT located in the Learning Resources Centres, LO3 or the IT Study Rooms at BRC LRC.


Register for an account

  1. Click on register at the bottom left of the screen
  2. Enter brief details and make sure your account is not public.
  3. Once you receive notification that your registration is successful, go back to the desktop Mendeley and login with your new account.
  4. Ignore any updates, but install the Citation Plugin for Microsoft Word-you may need to open up Word and close again before this is installed successfully.

Still need help?