Emailing all staff or all students

You can only send emails to all staff or all students if you have been granted the correct permissions to the following groups:

Emails to the wider university community are sent through our Outlook email system, the same system you use in your day to day work at the University. 

Emails to groups are sent from your personal email account; please ensure the audience you are sending to is the correct one for your message.

Please use the 'bcc' field for sending messages to all students, all staff, or other groups Illustrative image   This means recipients of the email will not be able to inadvertently 'reply all'. If you do not have the Bcc field available see this page: Make Bcc available when emailing

The centralised student email groups in Outlook’s address book are by cohort according to year of entry. These groups follow the naming convention: Student Starters Year of Entry.

The student groups are no more granular than that at present. It may be that an announcement to students through Moodle may be more appropriate. 

Office 365

You can search for these groups by either the specific name e.g. AllStaffEmail or search for the term allst which will return both groups. Remember to search in the bcc field. You will need to search within distribution lists Illustrative image

You can make the bcc field always show through the settings cog > mail (under 'app settings') > message format (under 'layout') > and check 'Always show bcc' Illustrative image  

Select the group you want to email and it will show in the 'bcc' field Illustrative image


In a new email, type allst in the 'bcc' field then select Check Names. The allstudentemail and allstaffemail groups will show. Select the one you wish to email and it will show in the 'bcc' field Illustrative image

You might also be interested in guides to: emailing centralised staff groups; sending announcements to students or staff

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