Customise your Moodle My Page

My Pages in Moodle are now fully customisable to enable to you view modules in different ways. You can Favourite your modules, hide modules, view all your modules, your modules in progress, and future or past modules.  You can sort your modules by the last time they were accessed or alphabetically by name. By default modules will be shown in 'Card' view, so you see your module with a picture, but they can also be viewed in a list or with a summary.

Changing the View

The default view starts with the Module overview of In progress modules, showing alphabetically in Card view.


Using the drop-down box in the left hand side (Under Module Overview) you can choose to filter by modules:

  • In progress 
  • All
  • Past
  • Favourites
  • Hidden

using the sort by drop-down you can view modules by:

  • Module name
  • Last accessed

and in the drop-down on the right you can view by

  • Card  Illustrative image
  • List  Illustrative image
  • Summary  Illustrative image

Customise the page

You can move elements of the page (blocks) around, delete blocks and add blocks. When you customise your view, only you see this.

By default your My Pages will come with Module Overview in the main part of the page, and Calendar and a timeline on the right hand side. These take information from dates and deadlines in your modules rather than your email calendar.

When you click Customise this page all of the blocks will have a cross-hair icon and a cog in the top right corner

You can use the cross-hair icon to move your blocks around, you can either click on it to select the place you would like it to go, or click hold and drag it.

You can click on the cog to allow you to configure or hide the block  Illustrative image

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see two hidden blocks, these are favourite modules and recently accessed modules.  Clicking the cog on these will enable you to show these blocks on your page.

If you click add a block on the left hand side you will see options to add further blocks, this is also useful if you delete a block and wish to re-add it.

Favourite Modules

You can click on the 3 dots next to any module and favourite it, Illustrative image this will then show in your favourite modules block.

If you want to remove a module from your favourites, find the module in the Module overview section, and then click on the ellipsis next to the module to unfavourite it:


You may need to filter your list using the dropdown to find the module you are looking for,



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