Connecting to the internet in halls of residence

StudentCom provide Wi-Fi and a wired internet connect to all halls of residence, which includes services such as Xbox gaming etc.
Visit for a detailed overview of StudentCom services.

StudentCom Wi-Fi

You will need to create a StudentCom account before you can use Wi-Fi in halls of residence.
Note: eduroam Wi-Fi can also be used in halls. However, it does not allow gaming capabilities.

StudentCom wired connection

In halls of residence each room also has a network port to provide internet access. A network cable will be provided by the Accommodation Office and can be used to connect your computer or laptop to the Internet. Connect the cable to the ethernet port on your computer. Please leave the network cable in your room when you leave at the end of the year. You will be charged if it is missing.


Support is provided by StudentCom, which includes hardware related network issues:

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