Accessing your HEAR

If you are due to graduate this year your final HEAR will normally be released during July following the Awards Board of Examiners.

Once your account is set up and you log in to Gradintelligence you should hit the landing page. Illustrative image

When you first log-in to Gradintelligence your HEAR Status will show as Formative Illustrative image   and this will change to Final when you complete your studies and your final results have been agreed by a Board of Examiners.

To view your HEAR select University Services from the left hand-side navigation panel. Illustrative image

Selecting this link will take you to the University Services page. Illustrative image

To view your HEAR select View my HEAR icon Illustrative image   and this will automatically open your HEAR. Illustrative image

The HEAR contains the following named sections:
1.    Information identifying the holder of the qualification
2.    Information identifying the qualification
3.    Information on the level of qualification
4.    Information on the contents and the results gained
5.    Information on the function of the qualification
6.    Additional information
7.    Certification of the HEAR

The details in your HEAR are generated from the University’s student records system. Exam results will not be updated on your HEAR until they have been agreed by a Board of Examiners.

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