Wellbeing triage appointments

To book a Wellbeing triage appointment

For a 20 min wellbeing triage appointment using Microsoft Teams, please email Wellbeing@chi.ac.uk using subject title Triage.

You will receive a link to a remote 20 minute triage appointment with a member of the Wellbeing Team.

Ask Wellbeing 

Drop-in to speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team about accessing Wellbeing/Mental Health Support.  No appointment needed:

LRC Student Support and Wellbeing Suite, Chichester Campus:

Monday 2 to 4pm, Tuesday 12 to 2pm, Wednesday 10 to 12pm, Thursday 2 to 4pm

LRC Health Centre, Bognor Regis Campus:

Thursday 12 to 2pm, Friday 10am to 12pm

Health Drop-ins

The Nurse Health Advisers are also available for support during normal office hours on Studenthealth@chi.ac.uk, 01243 816111 or 07739 983703.

How to download Microsoft Teams to a personal device

Please note the Microsoft Teams App is already installed on all University computers, access it from your list of programmes in the start menu or search using the search option in the task bar.

Instructions on how to download Teams to your personal device can be found here: http://help.chi.ac.uk/accessing-teams