Webcasting in panopto

You can live stream from Panopto, it is recommended that you set up a Live webcast in advance, rather than sending out a link at the time of recording (ad hoc livestreaming).

Please note that Teams is recommended for student lectures or anything that requires real time discussion.  There is a time delay of between 20 seconds to 1 minute for webcasts and although viewers can post comments and questions, please bear this in mind. Webcasting is more suited for live events although Teams can also be used for this.

If you are unsure which you would prefer to use, please contact TEL@chi.ac.uk for advice.



Setting up a webcast in advance

  1. Log into Panopto.chi.ac.uk 
  2. Click Create and choose Webcast  Illustrative image
  3. Name your session and select the Folder where it will belong.  Illustrative image
  4. Fill in the Description. It is recommended that you include the date and time of the webcast. Even add information about who will be speaking and add any other contents of the event. Click Create  Illustrative image
  5. After you click Create you will be taken to the Overview page. This page will display your new session information. You can copy the Viewer link and this can be copied into emails, webpages and Moodle pages to advertise your webcast  Illustrative image
  6. Viewers must have permissions to view this webcast by having access to the video or the folder it is held in. So if this is for a module, all students on the module will have access if the webcast is in the module folder. However if this is a public broadcast, you will need to make sure the video is shared with anyone with a link.  If you need to change the permissions, click on Share and then choose the option you need.

Waiting Room - Add a Preview Image

  1. Your viewers will be sent to a waiting room before they view your live stream.
  2. You can set a thumbnail picture for your live session to be viewed in the waiting room. To do this, in the Overview section, find Preview Image and click Edit.  Illustrative image
  3. Click Choose File Illustrative image and open a picture that you have saved on your computer.  
  4. Click Save Illustrative image and the image should appear.  Illustrative image
  5. Now when you test your Viewer Link, (copy and paste the view link from the overview into a browser) you will see that the image appears in the waiting room while viewers wait for the webcast  Illustrative image

Presenting and recording your webcast

  1. When you are ready to present and record your live session open your Panopto Recorder and log in.
  2. Locate the folder and click the Join Session button to select the session you have set up to broadcast (you only need to tick webcast if you haven't previously set up the session) 

  3. Click the Record button when you are ready to Broadcast and viewers using the URL you have previously sent or posted online, will be able to view your session Live.


Viewers can also make ask questions, make comments, and Notes during live broadcasts instructions can be found here: Questions, Comments, and Notes during live broadcasts

Ad hoc Webcast

These instructions are for setting up an ad hoc webcast, however we would advise creating a webcast link in advance where possible, instructions can be found here: Creating a webcast link

In the Panopto Recorder, be sure to select an online folder, then check Webcast 


To start the broadcast, click the RECORD button. To end the live broadcast, click the STOP button. Your recording will then complete and upload to the server

A viewer URL is generated after your broadcast starts. Clicking Copy will copy the URL to your Windows clipboard  Illustrative image  you can then share the URL with whoever you want to attend.

Buttons for pausing and rewinding are pictured below. You can easily seek through a live broadcast to any time by dragging the slider circled above, even if you join late. To catch up and watch the broadcast live, click the LIVE button as seen above. You may also continue to watch the live broadcast even after it has ended.


Comments and questions

During the live broadcast, viewers who are logged in and viewing the live broadcast can ask questions and make comments via the viewer window.

The presenter will see them in a box at the bottom of the recorder, the presenter can also see how many attendees they have:


Creators can either respond verbally at the time of the question or review the questions after the recording is complete

Furthermore, viewers can also take public or private notes during the broadcast to refer back to at a later time.

Questions, comments, and notes can be viewed on the recording in Panopto.chi.ac.uk after the broadcast has ended and the presenter can respond to any queries not answered verbally at the time.

You can also turn off discussions for any or all webcasts and recordings by going to the Panopto web administration pages under System -> Settings and changing the Discussion Enabled setting to False. Ratings can also be disabled separately by changing the Ratings Enabled setting to False. 


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