Web room booking - FAQs

 Video guide for using web room booking

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Are ALL rooms available to book?

All bookable spaces are available to book on Web Room Bookings (WRB) but specialist areas will be approved by the departments that control those rooms.

Can I book more than one room at a time?

If you need more than one room at the same time, there is the option at the end of the booking process to request another room for the same date and time Illustrative image

Can I book multiple weeks?

You are able to book multiple days in a single week Illustrative image  but not able to book multiple weeks

It is necessary to book different weeks on different bookings which will, in turn, enable you to cancel bookings should you need to, thereby freeing up space in the University for other users.

If you require the same room at the same time on multiple weeks, there is a link at the end of the request process that takes you back to the rooms available page. From there you can go back to the calendar page and adjust the week. As you move forward the rest of the details previously entered will remain. 

How far in advance can I book rooms? Why can't I request a room further ahead?

Normally rooms can be booked at least one month before the start of each semester.

Ad hoc room bookings can only be made available when the Timetabling Office has finalised the teaching timetable for the upcoming semester.

What should I include in the Booking Title field?

This information will be displayed on the booking sheets outside rooms. Please keep the title of your booking short and concise so that it can be understood by others.

I'm not sure what's in a room. How can I find out?

Room descriptions are available within the system.

Once you see the rooms that are available for the requested time, click on the room name Illustrative image  and a new tab window will open showing room descriptions and layouts Illustrative image

How long will it take for my booking to be approved / confirmed?

Meeting rooms are automatically approved for staff. Normally all other bookings will be approved within three working days. 

Please note that requests for rooms in some specialist areas are approved by the departments responsible for them. Also, requests for bookings between weeks 40 and 52 inclusive are confirmed by the Conference Office rather than Academic Registry (in line with the Timetabling and Teaching Space policy which is available to staff through the Academic Registry space on the Staff Intranet).

Rooms needing approval are not guaranteed until you have received an email confirming the booking.

Can I book space for teaching?

No. All timetabled teaching requests must be made to Timetable@chi.ac.uk. This is to ensure that student and staff timetables reflect the current and correct information.

If you make a request for a teaching related booking then it will be rejected.

How do I cancel a room I have already booked through Web Room Booking?

From the My Bookings page you are able to cancel a room booking Illustrative image  

Once done this will be confirmed to you by email.

You can view rooms you have cancelled by selecting the ‘Show Cancelled Rooms’ option Illustrative image

It is very helpful if you can cancel rooms you no longer need to free up the space for other requests.

What do I do if my room request is rejected?

If your request is rejected you will receive a ‘cancelled’ email indicating that it has been rejected. This may be due to a number of reasons including:

  • It is a teaching event which should go through the timetabling process
  • An inappropriate specialist space was selected
  • If you are a student, you may have exceeded your booking limits

If your request is for teaching please email timetable@chi.ac.uk and it will be processed in the normal way.

If the request failed due to choosing an inappropriate space then please choose an alternative room. If there are no suitable rooms shown for the times requested, use the ‘Show more options’ when the available room list is displayed Illustrative image

Why can't I book a room by email?

WRB is self-service and faster than email. Meeting rooms are automatically confirmed for staff and some specialist areas are authorised by the departments that control them. Users also have a My Bookings page from which they can cancel their own bookings Illustrative image

Who do I contact if I experience problems using the room booking system?

The SIZ should be the first point of contact.

If you haven't already seen it, the overview video for WRB (at the top of this page) may answer your question.

Why am I asked to select a company?

The University has a trading company Chichester Enterprises Limited (CEL). Unless you know that your booking refers to this company then assume the company default of University of Chichester.

What do I do if I have not received the confirmation email?

The current status of your request can be viewed on the My Booking page in WRB.

Requests will normally be confirmed within three working days. If after five working days you have still not received an email please contact roombookings@chi.ac.uk

If you have requested a room with less than three working days' notice the room booking cannot be guaranteed and you will need to go to the room to check it is free. 

Why does the room size affect the rooms offered to me?

The University is attempting to improve space utilisation. This means that the WRB system will offer you rooms best suited to the group size you have specified.

What do I do if my room request is cancelled?

Your request will usually only be cancelled following discussion with the authorising department. If this has not taken place then please email roombookings@chi.ac.uk

Why does my room booking not appear on the room plaque outside the door of the room booked?

These sheets are printed on the Friday prior to the current week and any late bookings will not show even though they are valid.

Browser compatibility for Web Room Booking

The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox.

What do I do if I have booked a room but the building is locked?

If it is during SIZ opening hours, contact SIZ. If outside these hours, contact the security team: 

  • Chichester: 01243 (81)6147
  • Bognor Regis: 01243 (81)2184

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