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Email and Office 365

 Mail (Office 365)



Intranet links

 Moodle (student intranet)

 Staff intranet

 Academic partner portal: student logon / staff logon



 Book a room (students)

 Book a room (staff)

 Book a computer (MyPC)

 Book a study booth or individual study room in the LRC (MyPC)

 View maps of open-access areas



 Check print account

 Mobile printing service

 Print credit top-up



 Library catalogue

 Library databases



 Live bus departure times: available via the bus icon in the sidebar

 Bus and transport Moodle page


Timetables and teaching

 Teaching Timetables



 TargetConnect (Careers)


Help and support

 Support Me

 Help website

 Password manager


University admin

 Academic year dates

 Online store

 Student handbook


 Student Union website

 University policies


University admin for staff

 UBW (finance portal)

 HR self-service


 Telephone directory

 Visitor parking permits

 Work from home (RemoteApp)


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Android guide

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