Students - Using ChiPlayer for Assignments

If you are a student and you have to create a video as part of an assignment, your lecturer may choose to set up an Assignments folder in ChiPlayer. 

ChiPlayer is our branded version of commercial software called Panopto. It is a lecture capture software that allows lecturers to record PowerPoint, audio, video, and capture their desktop during a lecture. It can also be utilised for student group work, video assignment submissions, flipped classrooms and assessment feedback via video.

Recordings are viewed online and so you can access your videos from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

You can either: 

If you have recorded a presentation by recording voice clips directly into PowerPoint, you will need to record this into ChiPlayer to submit it as the file will be too large to be accepted by Turnitin please see the Files are too large to submit to Turnitin for guidance on ChiPlayer recorder settings to achieve this.

You may find that your lecturer has put a link to the assignment folder on the Moodle page, this should take you directly there.

However, if the link isn't on the moodle page, then you can go into ChiPlayer and find the folder to upload your recording or view your submission:

ChiPlayer can be accessed through

You will need to make sure the recording finishes up in your Module's [Assignment] folder. To find an assignments folder, click on Browse and search for your full module code. Choose the one that says [Assignments] after it (you may need to hover over it to see the full folder name). (eg MUL103_AY_A_18 [Assignment])

If you record using ChiPlayer, you can either record straight into the Assignments folder (see Making a recording in ChiPlayeror into your My Folder and move it later (see ChiPlayer Settings - renaming and moving recordings)

When submitting your assignment, you MUST make sure that the title of your video is your student number, you can set this when you record, or if you need to or have uploaded it, you can change the name of it following the instructions for renaming and moving recordings. You can also follow these instructions if your recording is in the wrong folder and needs to be moved to the Assignments folder.

If you are uploading your video follow the instructions for Uploading an existing recording to ChiPlayer

All of the instructions you may need can be found here:

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