Student IT account registration via ChiView

If you’ve already completed your IT account registration through ChiView to get your username e.g. kweb1, and set your password, please skip to the next page 'Password manager'.

If you are on-campus but don't have access to a personal device or mobile phone, please see separate webpage: IT account registration on a university computer

IT account registration on a personal device

  • Visit
  • Log on with the ChiView credentials you were emailed during your application: Illustrative image
    - 7 digit applicant number (student number):  e.g. 1508547
    - Password
    Note: you can use the 'forgotten your password' link if needed Illustrative image
  • Once logged on, click the ‘IT account registration’ tile Illustrative image

  • Read the IT policy documents, then click 'Next' Illustrative image

  • Make a note of your username e.g. kweb1 Illustrative image

  • Click the 'password reset page' link Illustrative image

  • Type your username and click 'Send Request' which emails you a reset link to your personal email address Illustrative image

  • Click the enclosed link in the email Illustrative image

  • Create a password ensuring it conforms to the university's password policy Illustrative image
    Note: your password must be 8 to 16 characters, and include three of: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols.
    Your password cannot include your first name, last name, username, and cannot be a previously used password

  • Your username and password can now be used for ChiView, Email (Office 365), Moodle, and to log on to open-access computers.

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