Staff - Add a Panopto block to Moodle

If you want to make a recording that appears in your Module page, you must first add the Panopto block to your Moodle page and provision it.  This will create a folder in the Panopto website and anything that is recorded to, or placed in that folder will be visible to anyone on that page.

If you import content from a page that already has a Panopto Block, then you may find the Panopto block appears on your page, but you will still need to follow steps 4 and 5

Adding Panopto to your Module 

Adding Panopto to your module can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Ensure you have editing on  Illustrative image
  2. Open up the left hand menu (using the box with 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner) scroll to the bottom of the left hand menu, and click 'Add a Block'  Illustrative image
  3. Click Panopto from the list  Illustrative image  (if you cannot see it, then the block may already be on the page)
  4. A Panopto  block will appear on your page, in the right hand side click on 'Provision Course' Illustrative image
  5. Then click 'Back to course'  Illustrative image

You will then have created the folder in Panopto for that Module, you will then be able to record straight into you folder or upload videos into it in the Panopto website.


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