Skype for Business mobile

Skype for Business has a mobile app which allows you to easily stay connected to colleagues and students when not at your computer. 

Download Skype for Business on your mobile phone

  • Access your app store (Android: Play Store, iOS: App Store)
  • Search for Skype for Business, and select Install  Illustrative image
The app is free, but make sure you are connected to wifi so that the download doesn't use up your data allowance
  • When you open the app for the first time Skype for Business will ask for permission to access parts of your phone such as photos, media, camera, microphone, etc. These are required to use all of the app features  Illustrative image
  • You will then be offered the Skype for Business Terms and Conditions  Illustrative image

Signing in for the first time

When you first use the app, you will be asked to sign in

  • You will be asked for your Organisation sign-in address  Illustrative image
  • Enter your full email address and password  Illustrative image
  • You will be asked to enter your phone number. This is for call forwarding, which we can disable in settings. Your phone number will not be visible to other users  Illustrative image

Switching to wifi-only settings

You don't need to change any settings for Skype for Business to work, but if you want to block it from using your data allowance, we can force it to only work on wifi

  • Tap on your profile icon  Illustrative image
  • Select Settings  Illustrative image
  • Select Voice Settings  Illustrative image
  • Change to VoIP over Wi-Fi only and deselect Allow incoming cellular call when WiFi is not available  Illustrative image

Skype for Business will now only work when you are connected to wifi  Illustrative image

Making a phone call

  • To make a phone call, tap on the Dialpad icon  Illustrative image
  • You can use this to make internal and external calls. External calls will be billed as if calling from a Chichester land-line  Illustrative image

Searching for University accounts

The University phonebook is built into Skype for Business and you can search for, and favourite people you wish to contact

  • Tap on the Contacts icon  Illustrative image
  • Here you will see any favourite contacts for quick access  Illustrative image
  • Tap on the Search icon to search the University phonebook  Illustrative image
  • Type in the user's name 
  • You have options to make a video call, make a voice call or send an instant message  Illustrative image
  • Tap on the add user icon to add to your favourites  Illustrative image

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