Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a way to connect with people inside or outside the University. It includes instant messaging, (video) calling, video meeting, and screen sharing. It integrates with Outlook. Staff can choose to use Skype for Business to replace their telephone system, the benefits to this are cheaper calls and the ability to answer calls away from your desk.  You can choose from a headset or a Skype phone.

Video overview of Skype for Business. (8m 44s)

Please note: Skype for Business is not the same as Skype, they are different applications and you may experience difficulties if you are trying to use Skype rather than Skype for Business to join a meeting.

Getting Skype for Business

All university computers have Skype for Business installed. If it doesn't automatically open you can search for it in your task bar  Illustrative image

If you are using a personal computer it can be downloaded from here: 

Or you can install it as part of the free subscription to Office 365 that staff and students are entitled to Microsoft Office for students and staff

Connecting with people

Skype for Business works best when you either schedule a meeting or use the 'Meet Now' functionality.  

Connecting with people who do not have Skype for Business 

If you are trying to connect with someone external to the university, who does not have Skype for Business, create a meeting and send them the invite, when they click to join the meeting they will be prompted to install the Skype for Business web app. (this is very quick to install, instructions are given in the prompts) They can then join the meeting as a guest, although may not have the full functionality of the Skype for Business application.

Instructions for joining with the full package or with the web app can be found below, you can share this with your attendees if you wish.

Further help pages

An online training course from Microsoft on Skype for Business is also available.

I have Skype already, why do I need Skype for Business?

Skype for business is integrated with the university phone book and systems, so you can easily search for other students and lecturers.

Although Skype and Skype for business are compatible for voice and video calling, some additional functionality such as screen sharing will not work when making a call from one to the other, the software works much better and you can take advantage of all of the functionality if both parties are using Skype for Business.

If you already use Skype for personal use, then you may prefer to use Skype for Business for all your university use to keep the two contact lists separate and so that you can log out and not be disturbed when you are having some time out!

Microsoft help page - Do I have Skype or Skype for Business?


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