Sharing a Panopto video

 There are a number of ways to share videos with others. 

If you are a member of staff and want to share a video with students on a module then you can add and provision a ChiPlayer block on your moodle page see: Adding ChiPlayer to your Module.  This will create a folder in the ChiPlayer website (accessible from the front page of Moodle) and any videos you put in that folder will be visible to anyone on the moodle page.

You can also share individual videos:

  • Go to or click the icon on the front page of Moodle  Illustrative image
  • Find your video in the ChiPlayer website
  • Hover over your video and click Share  Illustrative image  or if you are already viewing the video, choose the share icon in the top right  Illustrative image
  • Click on the Drop down box  in the Who has access area  Illustrative image
  • You will then be able to choose from:  Illustrative image
    • Specific people - Only specific users and groups can view.
    • Anyone at your organization with the link - anyone at your organization who has the link can view. (this is useful if you want to send a link out via the university email system or the video is embedded on a university website)
    • Anyone at your organization - Anyone at your organization can find and view.
    • Anyone with the link -  anyone who has the link can view. No sign-in required. (this is useful for videos being used for marketing purposes for example or embedded into public websites)
    • Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and view. No sign-in required.
  • If you choose specific people, then you can search for their name in the invite people box, make sure that you double check their email address, in case of a duplicate name or if a member of staff also has a student account.  Illustrative image
  • You can then choose whether or not to send them an email, by either leaving the notify people via email box ticked or unticking it, and you can put a personal message if you wish.  you can then save the changes and the person will be able to view the video.  Illustrative image
  • If you want to send the video out via email or provide a link to it somewhere, you can copy the link from the Link option  Illustrative image  
  • You can also copy the embed code, if you wish to embed the video into a website by clicking on embed and copying the code  Illustrative image

If you are copying the link or the embed code please also make sure you have set the appropriate access rights to enable people to view it.

If you wish to embed your video into a moodle page, please make sure that the video is in the module page folder, and follow the instructions here: Embedding a video into a module page

Please note, if you have videos in a module page they will need to be copied to the new page every year as per the start of year process

Sharing a folder

If you a member of staff and need to share a module folder with someone to give them access to all videos on a module, (such as departmental admins or external examiners), click on the cog in the top right corner:  Illustrative image  (this must be the main module folder, not the assignments folder) choose share, type their name in the invite people box, choose their account (check the email address is correct) then send and save changes:  Illustrative image


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