Rename Panopto recordings

You may need to rename a recording, for example if you are a student and uploading for an assignment you may need to change the name to your student number or if you didn't change the name when you created the video it would have defaulted to the date and time of the recording.

You may also need to change the folder that the video is stored in, for example a student may need to move a recording to an [assignments] folder or a member of staff may have saved a recording to their own folder to edit it before moving it to the module folder to enable students to see it.

  1. If you need to rename your videos, navigate to your video in Panopto, hover over it and you will see a menu appear, click on the 'Settings' option.  Illustrative image
  2. Some options will then appear on the page, click on the Edit button next to name  Illustrative image
  3. Once you have clicked edit, the name of the video will appear in an editable box, change the name and click Save  Illustrative image
  4. You can then close the settings menu and your video name will be changed  Illustrative image

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