Registration and verification of achievements in the HEAR

In order to access the achievements area of Gradintelligence, ensure you are in the University Services area of Gradintelligence (which can be accessed via the left hand navigation panel) and select the Achievements tab. Illustrative image

In the Achievements tab there will be a list of achievements / activities you are able to register for and which will be managed by the Students’ Union. Each year this list of achievements / activities that you can register for will be formally reviewed. Each of the achievements / activities listed will have specific criteria, verified by the Student Union and they will then appear on your HEAR. 

For further information about the list of achievements / activities and criteria please contact the Students’ Union or email Casper Beade Rioseco (UCSU Volunteering & Activities Coordinator):

When you graduate, if you are awarded any University prizes or The Chichester Award these will be entered via Gradintelligence by designated University staff and will therefore appear automatically on your HEAR.

The first list shows Available achievements and you can expand these to view more detail by clicking the arrow to the left. Illustrative image

To register for the achievement / activity select the Register button. Illustrative image

The achievement / activity will now show further down under Registered achievements on the 'Achievements' tab.

When you have recorded all the required information for the achievement / activity, you can then click on submit.  This will enable the Students’ Union to review the evidence and verify the achievement.

If the Students’ Union is satisfied that the criteria for the achievement / activity have been met, it will be verified and this will result in it appearing in the third list, 'Verified achievements' under the 'Achievements' tab and it will now also be populated on your HEAR.

Please note: the information that appears on your HEAR is updated via the University’s student records system but at certain points in the academic year this process will be temporarily suspended to allow time for exam results to be processed. This may result in a slight delay before other achievements / activities that have been verified appear on your HEAR. A message will be posted on the Gradintelligence homepage to notify you about this.

Once verified and updated any achievements/activities will be shown in section 6. Illustrative image

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