Printer / photocopier / scanners

Most of our printers across both campuses are multi function printer / photocopier / scanners, which hold both A4 and A3 paper. Illustrative image

Activate campus card for printing

Before you can release print jobs using your campus card, you'll need to activate your card by tapping on a printer reader Illustrative image  and authenticating using the touch screen  Illustrative image

Printing from a PC or Mac

When printing from open access computers, ensure ‘Printing on campus’ or 'Campus printing' is the selected printer. Illustrative image
Your print jobs will be added to your personal queue ready for release.

Mobile printing

You can also submit a print job from any mobile device using the following methods (see how to access link):

  • Upload a file through our webprint webpage Illustrative image  
  • Email an attached document Illustrative image  using our 'email print' service  Illustrative image
  • Install the University printer on your personal laptop Illustrative image

Releasing print jobs

You can release your print jobs from any printer on either campus, tap your campus card to identify yourself Illustrative image  then use the touch screen to select and release your jobs Illustrative image  (if you don't have your campus card with you, use the touch screen to enter your username/password).
Print jobs remain in your queue ready for release for up to 72 hours.
You are only charged once you've released the print job.

    Topping-up your print credit

    You are given £5 print credit to get started, after that you'll need to top-up.

    You can top-up your print credit in different ways:

    • Online via the 'IT Services' link in Moodle Illustrative image
    • Use the wall mounted top-up machine in the LRC on each campus Illustrative image
    • Visit the SIZ counter

    Printing costs

    A full list of prices for black and white / colour can be found on our printing costs webpage (see more info link).


    A wide range of high quality and specialised printing at competitive prices is also available through the PrintShop. These services can be used for your student work as well as any other personal or commercial printing needs.

    How to access

    More information: Printing
    More information: Printing costs
    More information: PrintShop

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