PowerPoint - Exporting a PDF

PowerPoint - Exporting a PDF


Sometimes you may need to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a PDF for various reasons including printing. This is a very easy process and will duplicate your file assuming you have also saved as a PowerPoint file to start with. But it is reasonably well hidden for the uninitiated, this guide will walk you through the process.

Backing Up

First, save your PowerPoint as a back-up just in case it crashes whilst producing the PDF. You can do this from the 'File' Tab in the ribbon and by selecting 'Save as': Illustrative image


Once you have saved your PowerPoint as a PowerPoint, head back to the 'File' Tab in the menu ribbon and select 'Export':  Illustrative image

When you click Export you will be asked to decide the location in which to save the exported PDF, so make sure you check where you are saving it:  Illustrative image

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