Panopto (ChiPlayer)

Panopto is lecture capture software (sometimes referred to as ChiPlayer) that allows lecturers to record PowerPoint, audio, video, and capture their desktop during a lecture. It can also be utilised for student group work, video assignment submissions, flipped classrooms and assessment feedback via video.

Recordings are viewed online and so you can access your videos from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Lecture recordings can be recorded directly into Moodle and be made available to students straight away through the ChiPlayer block on the Module page.

When viewing the recording back, you can see any PowerPoint slide and go to that part of the video by clicking on them. There is also a contents area where you can click to parts of the video and there is a discussion area (public) and a notes area (private) where viewers can make comments that are timestamped to jump to that part of the video when clicked on

You can also use the search box, which will tell you anytime that the search term has appeared in the slides the contents, the notes, comments or  anytime that that word was said.

There is also a quiz function that allows lecturers to set quizzes during  playback.

As well as recording directly into Panopto you can also upload recordings from a variety of sources. ChiPlayer is also great for capturing guest lectures, theatre and dance events, and can also live stream from one room to another.

The address to access your videos after you record them is:   You can also access this by clicking on the ChiPlayer/Panopto Icon on the front page of Moodle


The ChiAngle

There are three elements to ChiPlayer,

  • The ChiPlayer block in Moodle:
    • Add a ChiPlayer block to your Moodle module page to create a folder in the Panopto Website to record into or upload recordings. Videos in this folder will be instantly available to students on the ChiPlayer block on the Moodle page. They can also be embedded into topics on the page using a text

  • The Panopto recorder:
    • This is an App that can be installed on your own computer or accessed from any university computer. This is where you make a recording that will be held on the Panopto website.R ecording into a module folder makes the recording instantly available on the Moodle page.

  • The Panopto website: 
    • Go This is where the recording is held. Recordings can be shared and edited from here. Recordings in module folders are instantly viewable on the Moodle page.

Note: The Moodle ChiPlayer block is only required for recordings to be shown in a Moodle page

If you have any queries about ChiPlayer, or require one-on-one or group training, please contact
University PC's automatically fill in the server address, but if you need to provide a server address it is 

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