Office 365 groups

If you need to work in a group your lecturer may set you up with a group in Office 365, any groups you are in can be found in the left hand side of your Office 365 webmail.

Your group will enable you to have conversations and share files, clicking on the conversations tab will take you to the conversations area (this opens by default when you go to the group). You can click on 'Send Email' to create a new thread 

Or reply all to reply to the thread you are on 

To access the files in a group click on the files icon


Clicking on the New tab will open a menu that enables you to create a new folder, Word Document, Excel Workbook or PowerPoint presentation 


You can also upload an existing document from the files on your computer

If you create or open a Word, excel or PowerPoint, these will open in Office online apps, (in your internet browser) which means they can be edited straight in your browser, they are then automatically saved to you group files and you can also work collaboratively in real time on these documents.

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