Navigating MAF online

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When you log in you can see all the modules that you've been set for this academic year.

For academic year 18/19 it will say 18 and for academic year 17/18 it will say 17 etc, if you do have access to any modules from previous years they will listed below the current year

If you are the Module Co-ordinator you will have an icon that says Markers to the right of your module and you may want to add additional markers if required (see adding additional markers in MAF)

When you access a module, the you can see the list of students by their student number. 

There is a show names button if you need that instead of seeing the student number but by default it is all anonymous.

If you wanted to order your students by student number or name, there are options to make these changes, with an option to save it.

Please note: If you are not the Module Co-ordinator the Markers link will not be there.  If you should be the Module Co-ordinator on a module and do not have the option to add markers, please email so they can change their records.

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