Moving or Copying Panopto recordings

Notes for Staff - 

  • When you import information from the following year you will also need to copy your videos over in the Panopto website, if you don't the students enrolled on this this years course will not have access to the videos even if you can see them.
  • You need to make sure that your new page has the Panopto Block and that it has been provisioned, See Add a Panopto block to Moodle.  
  • Go to and find the folder they are stored in (usually the module from last year) you can search for the module code in the Search all folders box on the left hand side of the page. and then follow the instructions for Copying videos below:

Moving or Copying Panopto recordings


Copying and moving videos is the same procedure, just choose which you want to do.

  • Copying a video will keep a copy in the original folder you are in, and put a copy in the folder you specify
  • moving your video will disappear from the original folder you are in, and put the video into the folder you specify

In the folder your video is held in, hover over the video and click the tick box in the top left hand corner, you can tick as many videos as you want to move over, then click Move or Copy

A pop up box will appear and you can then click in the search box and search for the folder you want to move or copy it into:

Then click Move or Copy in the top right:

Then click the X in the top right to close the pop up box, you will then be returned to your folder, and the recording(s) you have moved will have disappeared, you will then find them in the folder you have moved them to.


Ensure you select the correct folder, make sure that the full module code matches the one in Moodle, eg SWK302_S1_B_20. (_20 would denote the 2020-2021 academic year modules)

Note: current year modules are stored in folders denoting the academic year e.g. there is a folder for 2020-21 for that years modules.

For students uploading assignments they will need to select the folder that has the module code and name and then [assignments] written after it eg: MUL203_20: Masterclass [assignments]


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