Lecture Recording Policy


Recording lectures provides institutions with useful learning resources which can be viewed off campus and on demand. This has advantages for distance learning, accessibility, revision and re-use of materials.

If you choose to record an online or on-campus lecture, please note the following guidelines:

  1. It is the responsibility of the person making the recording to ensure that all participants are informed regarding:
    1. what is being recorded (i.e. video, audio, presentation screen…)
    2. where the recording will be made available (usually on the Moodle page)
    3. who is able to view the recording (by default, only those registered on the module will be able to view the recording)
  2. When recording a lecture, it is usually assumed that only the presenter is to be captured “on-camera”, unless capturing participants is necessary (see point 3).
  3. If recording in a physical space (in a lecture room, lab), a specified area in the room should be made available, off-camera, for those who do not wish to be recorded.
  4. If the recording is collecting special category data, explicit consent must be obtained. Please download our Recording consent form and complete digitally. Email the finished version to TEL@chi.ac.uk for secure storage.
  5. When a recording is paused, the audio and video continues to record but is edited out automatically. Creators can choose to reclaim any of this content when editing their recording. Please make sure that, if pausing a recording, everyone present is aware of this to minimise capturing private conversation.
  6. All recordings should be stored in the University’s Panopto (ChiPlayer) site.
  7. Recordings will, by default, only be made accessible through Moodle and Panopto (ChiPlayer).
  8. By agreement, some recordings may be made available for wider viewing, for example, in a subsequent year’s cohort on a particular programme, or publicly via the University’s website and potentially through a video streaming public access website. If there is an intention to do this, it must be set out in the recording details for the (original) session on the Moodle page, or retrospective consent could be sought from those appearing in the recording. In either case, consents for the wider viewing must be established. 
  9. If recording an external speaker, please make sure that their consent is obtained. Please download the Recording consent form and complete digitally. Email the finished version to TEL@chi.ac.uk who will provide a centralised store of these, in case of any need to review.
  10. Except where authorised by the University and subject always to the consent of the participants, recordings of any University activities are not for public disclosure by any means, including by virtue of external publication, whether on the web or otherwise. 
  11. Recordings must be handled sensitively and in accordance with all applicable legislation. If you are in doubt, please contact the TEL Team (TEL@chi.ac.uk) or the Data Protection Officer (DPOfficer@chi.ac.uk). In particular;
    1. recordings must not be copied or passed on to anyone else,
    2. recordings must be stored securely and in line with the University’s Electronic Information Security Policy,
    3. recordings will not be kept beyond the time for which they are relevant (for example beyond graduation for the group involved in the recording), unless this has been agreed with all participants, and;
    4. once the recording has served its purpose, it must be permanently erased. 
  12. ChiPlayer (Panopto) recordings will be automatically deleted if they have not been viewed for 3 years. If you are archiving recordings for future use, please contact the TEL Team (TEL@chi.ac.uk) to have them exempt from this rule.
  13. The University owns the intellectual property of all recordings of lectures and other teaching sessions made using University IT Systems and Services.
  14. By default, students are only able to download recordings which they have made. They are not able to download a lecturer’s video, unless this has been deemed suitable for, and has been stored in a publicly shared folder.
  15. Recordings are not to be used by the University for performance management or disciplinary actions
  16. All rights in the lecture content will need to be cleared before a recording takes place unless fair dealing applies for the purpose of:
    1. Illustration for instruction
    2. Criticism, review, or quotation
    3. Caricature parody or pastiche or
    4. Copying carried out in order to make an accessible copy
  17. Students will be permitted, should they wish, to make audio recordings of lecture and other group-based teaching and learning activities that are not being recorded by other means. Recordings made by students are subject to the same constraints as are imposed on those recordings made by, or on behalf of, the University and as are set out above.
  18. Students or staff found to be in infringement of this policy will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.  


Updated September 2020

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