Learning and teaching online

Moving my first lecture online 

For delivering teaching content to your students, we recommend a combination of Moodle, forums and ChiPlayer. This allows you to prepare resources in advance and for your students to access and participate (asynchronously) in their own time. 

Hosting my first tutorial or meeting online  

For instances where you want to host an online (synchronous) discussion with your students, you can arrange a Skype for Business meeting. 

Additional resources

Student Presentation Assignment submissions

Presentations that would previously have been given by students in class can now be recorded and submitted via ChiPlayer. 

Please do not advise students to record directly into PowerPoint as the files will be too large for turnitin to accept. Students can record into ChiPlayer and then submit the PowerPoint presentation used to an assignments link on Moodle.

Online demonstrations and Q&A

We will be hosting online staff development sessions. Please keep an eye on this page to see when new dates are being advertised. We may try a few different tools and techniques to find what works best.

To participate in this online training session:

  • Please make sure you have downloaded Skype for Business on your device
  • Click on the link below to join
  • Make sure your microphone is muted throughout the presentation. There will be opportunities to ask questions at the end
  • You can type questions in the Conversation window throughout. A member of my team will keep an eye on these
  • I'll be in the online meeting 15 minutes before the start time. Feel free to come in early to test your connection and chat
  • If you're late to the training session then you may not be admitted 
We are currently preparing the Summer Staff Development Programme, If you have any specific training needs, please contact TEL@chi.ac.uk  

Additional support

If you need to access any other University systems or software, please contact us via Supportme


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