Installing HP Remote Software (MacOS)

The following guide will help you install the appropriate supporting software to allow remote control of HP Computers for access to specialist software that would not normally be accessible via existing remote access methods.

Installing the software will install the following components on your machine:

  • GlobalProtect - A VPN client to provide access to the internal resources
  • HP RemoteBoost Reciever – The HP Software that performs the remote control
  • UOC Launcher Helper – A browser plugin to facilitate launching the remote controls

This software is designed to be installed on personal equipment only. University Managed machines require a different setup.

Software Installation

You can download the installer for the software here: MacOS Installer

Run the downloaded installation package. You may be prompted to accept that the application is not from a trusted source, with an error such as this one:

If presented with this, you will need to allow the installer from the Security and Privacy Preference Pane, by clicking “Open Anyway”:


Once the install is complete, you’ll be prompted to sign into the VPN client. If you are not prompted, or it appears to be hanging, please open the Security and Privacy Pane in Preferences, and confirm nothing is awaiting approval. Use your normal University network credentials (Username and Password, not email address) to log in to the GlobalProtect client when prompted.


At this point the install is complete.

Once installed, visit the How to Remote Control a Machine section.


  • Will my web browsing be visible to the University with a VPN Client installed?
    • No, the VPN client will only pass traffic for the Remote Session, no other network traffic from your machine
  • I still have concerns about privacy, can I disable the VPN client when I don’t need it?
    • Yes – to disable the VPN client, click on the VPN icon and select Disable (pictured)
  • How can I uninstall the software?
    • To remove the HP RemoteBoost application, drag it to the Trash from the Applications folder
    • To remove the GlobalProtect Client, re-run the installer from /Library/Application Support/UOC and select the Uninstall Option
    • To remove the browser plugin, remove the UOC Remote Launcher app from the /Library/Application Support/UOC folder

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