Remote Controlling HP Workstations

The University has made high powered HP Workstations available for remote use by students and staff on selected modules.

Unfortunately, some software will not be available remotely due to licensing restrictions of the software manufacturer. The most notable exclusion is Adobe Creative Cloud, which sadly Adobe will not honour whilst working remotely.

How to Remote Control a Machine

In order to remote control a machine, you will first need to install the prerequisite software, which will vary depending on what computer you are using at home or in halls:

MacOS Installation Instructions

Windows Installation Instructions

Once installed, visit the availability chart maps, here: Availability Maps

Click on the button in the Map column Illustrative image  of one of the rooms that you would normally have your lectures in, and if time falls within a period in which the machines are controllable (details on each map page), you will be able to click on any green available machine  to launch a remote control session. 

If you find that there are no machines available in that room, or the room's time schedule does not permit you to control the machines, try other rooms on the availability maps to see if a different room with the software you require is available.

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