How to enrol on the password manager

About FastPass

Once signed up to FastPass, you will be able to manage your own password and use the following features:

  • Reset password: if you have forgotten your password, your current password is not working, or you wish to change it.
  • Unlock account: if your account becomes locked, due to 3 incorrect logon attempts.

How to sign up to FastPass

  • Go to
  • Click staff and student links then Pasword manager Illustrative image
  • Select the option to Enrol on FastPass Illustrative image
  • Input your username, then enter the security code that you see on the screen Illustrative image
  • Now enter your password Illustrative image
  • Choose 4 questions from the dropdown list, confirming each answer twice Illustrative image
  • If you typed all your answers correctly, then you will see a 'Successfully enrolled' message Illustrative image
  • You can now use the FastPass features to reset your password or unlock your account Illustrative image

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