Grouping Objects (Microsoft Office)

What is Grouping?

Many single objects in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others) can be grouped together to perform as one Object. This includes; images, textboxes, shapes and SmartArt. Once grouped, the layout of each object relative to one another will stay the same even if you move the or re-size the grouped objects. This allow you to move grouped objects around a document, Slide or a spreadsheet without the objects separating or having to be re-sized indecently. 


This feature is available in the different apps of Microsoft office, but only in the App versions. The online office 365 browser equivalent will be missing this features.

 Word, Power Point, Excel App (The application installed on your computer)

  1. Place your objects in the arrangement you wish to lock in place and make sure each objects Text Wrapping is set to "Tight" : Illustrative image
  2. Left click an Object to select it, then Hold the Ctrl key, and with it pressed, left click the following objects to select them all:  Illustrative image
  3. With all objects selected, in the picture/shape format tools, select "group". Once the objects are grouped you can resize or move them as one:  Illustrative image


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