Finding your Panopto recordings

The Panopto website is where all of the videos are held online. You can get there by going to or click on Panopto from the front page of Moodle
Note: if you are a student looking for your lecture recordings, these should be available from your Moodle page. If they are not, contact your lecturer.


Your My Folder is a private folder that only you can see unless you choose to share videos with others, people often choose to put their recordings there first to check them before moving them to a module or assignments folder.

You can search for videos and video content using the search bar at the top of the page

Shared with me is anything anyone else has shared with you, Everything is a view of everything you can see and then there is Bookmarked for anything you have bookmarked.

if you are looking for a particular folder (for example a module folder) you can click browse to find these. Once you have clicked Browse a search window will open up, put in the name of the folder (or module code) you are searching for and click enter:

You can then click on the folder you need to access. if you are looking for an assignments folder, hover over the folder for the module code and the full name of the folder will pop up, an assignments folder will have [assignments] after the module code and name. An assignments folder is a type of folder that allows students to upload Panopto video submissions, students can only see their own upload, but lecturers can see all uploads in these folders and they do not appear on the moodle page.

Lecturers may choose to put a link directly to the assignments folder on Moodle so that students can go directly there rather that searching for the folder themselves. 

If you cannot find your recording, it could be that you recorded it offline or it hadn't finished uploading, in both cases it will be found by logging back onto the original computer you recorded it on, open the Panopto recorder and go to manage recordings.  You can then upload it if it is in the Offline recordings or it will continue to upload if it hadn't finished.


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