Files are too large to submit to Turnitin

The maximum file upload for Turnitin is 40mb, but some moodle pages are also limited to less than this, if your file is under 40mb and is still too large to submit, please contact us (

If your file is over 40mb and is a microsoft office document (Word etc), it may be that you have some high resolution images in the document, you can make them lower resolution and so lower the file size by following the instructions here: Reduce a Microsoft office document's file size

PowerPoint with voice over

If you have recorded your voice over slides in a PowerPoint file, then the file is likely to be too big to be accepted on Moodle, if your assignment is to record yourself giving a presentation, you need to use ChiPlayer/Panopto rather than record your voice into PowerPoint.  If this has not been set up, please contact your lecturer.

If you have already recorded your voice over PowerPoint you will need to record it into ChiPlayer by following the instructions on Making a recording in ChiPlayer 

But when you make the recording, make sure you have the following settings on the recorder:

  • In Folder you can record into the Assignments folder for your module, or record it into your My folder to move later if you are waiting for an [assignments] folder to be created or you cant find it by searching the module code in the folder. (1) (do not try to record into a module folder that doesn't have [assignments] in the name.
  • Make sure your student number is included in the title of the recording (2)
  • select 'None' for  video (4)
  • Make sure you have some Audio selected (5) (or the recording will fail) but turn the sensitivity slider (3) down as far as you can 
  • make sure 'Capture computer audio' is selected (6)
  • make sure your have capture PowerPoint selected (main screen can also be selected if you wish) (7)
  • Follow the instructions for making a recording, and play your powerpoint through with the slides and voice recordings, stay quiet while you play it through and make sure background noise is as limited as possible.

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