File storage

OneDrive (cloud storage)

You can store up to 2 TB of data on OneDrive. Illustrative image
OneDrive is accessed from Office 365, or via the OneDrive app (see how to access section).

H-Drive (on-site storage)

You have 2 GB storage on your H-Drive Illustrative image which includes anything stored on the Windows desktop.
If you have less than 10% storage remaining you will see a quota reminder on login. Illustrative image

S-Drive (department shared storage)

Everyone in your department has full access to a shared folder e.g. S:\Departments\Finance

Restoring data

Regular backups are taken of your University files.
You can restore data yourself from OneDrive Illustrative image or from your H-Drive / S-Drive Illustrative image (see more info link).

How to access

  • OneDrive: log in to Email / Office 365 then launch OneDrive from the apps icon Illustrative image
    Alternatively, use the OneDrive app e.g. for Window 10, Android, iOS Illustrative image
  • H-Drive: open file explorer on a Windows PC, then from the 'Quick Access' menu choose ‘Documents’ Illustrative image
  • S-Drive: open file explorer on a Windows PC, then from the 'This PC' menu choose ‘Shared Drive S:’

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